Food & Beverage industry

High efficiency knife gate valves, with total tightness and a high level of quality in all the materials, fully designed and manufactured by the paravalves team.

Food and beverage processes need to be predictability and have a high operational efficiency without leaks, inconsistent mixtures, and unnecessary overflows that may impact product quality and increase plant maintenance costs. Sugar refineries, breweries, food and beverage productions, starch processes and many more applications require the valves to be made with special materials and the best and most reliable performance.

High quality standards, zero contamination and no jamming capabilities are considered when paravalves knife gate valves are engineered.

Applications in food industry

Our products can be found mainly in the following processes in the food industry:

  • Fertilizer Application
  • Sugar By-Products After Refining
  • Wastewater from Washing and Boiling
  • Grains After Brewing for Beer
  • Boiler Feedwater

Customized valves

We design and manufacture customized solutions for each customer and need.

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