Frontgate - Water Penstock solutions


Water Penstock solutions

Penstocks or Sluice Gate solutions for water applications

At PARAVALVES, every product is carefully engineered. All the neccesary parameters are studied to develop our solid and reliable penstocks or sluice gates.

Wall Penstocks, also known as Sluice Gates, are made as a welded assembly construction and usually made for water applications for isolation or flow control services. The seal is done in all four sides of the gate and can work to seal in both directions (bi-directional design) as standard. Mechanical or chemical anchors can be considered to fit the penstock on the concrete wall.

Related industries

Over time, PARAVALVES team has had the chance to analyze not only the design of these valves but the specific applications they are used in as well in a cost effectiveness mind. From waste water applications to Hydroelectric power plants, we’re confident the PARAVALVES Frontgate Type penstocks will be a great solution for the following industries: