GBA Air Sealed Butterfly Damper

Air Sealed Butterfly Damper for industrial air and gas applications where leakage is not allowed.


Butterfly damper valves

Gasport GB Butterfly Damper GBA Air Sealed Butterfly Damper

Our butterfly dampers are mechanically welded and for both on/off and regulation services. They are generally installed between flanges, which can be drilled according to international standards or customer specifications. The between-flanges dimension is determined by the between-flanges dimension, and our technical team is able to adjust it to the needs of the project. Generally, this equipment is installed horizontally, but our solutions also allow for vertical installation on our butterfly dampers. Wafer or welded ends can be made on request. 

Our air-sealed butterfly dampers are specially designed to ensure total sealing, eliminating any possible leakage. This is achieved by creating an air chamber in the space between the damper discs, which prevents fluid from passing beyond the air seal chamber.

Customized valves

We design and manufacture customized solutions for each customer and need.

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Directives and standards

  • PED 2014/68/UE A-4 P-3.
  • 2014/34/UE CAT 3 ZONE 2 AND 22.


  • Working temperatures up to 1000ºC.
  • Working pressures up to 0.5bar.
  • Sizes up to DN1000.
  • Robust and reliable design.
  • Taylor-made solutions.
  • On/Off or Modulating service.
  • Flange drillings to main international standards.
  • Different End connection types.
  • Epoxy coating for carbon steel components.
  • ISO 5211 flange drillings for interchangeable actuators.
  • AIR SEALING option to provide a 100% seal tightness.
  • Pneumatic actuator, electric or manual operation.
Air sealing system butterfly damper valve
Butterfly damper valve CFD simulation
Air sealing butterfly damper detail
Air sealing butterfly damper front
Air sealing butterfly damper
Damper mariposa con sello de aire con reductor
Air sealing butterfly damper 2
Damper mariposa con sello de aire

Related industries

Over time, PARAVALVES team has had the chance to analyze not only the design of these valves but the specific applications they are used in as well in a cost effectiveness mind. From Biogas to Petrochemical applications, we’re confident the PARAVALVES Gasport Series Damper valves will be a great solution for the following industries:


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