Gasport GL

Multi-Louver damper valves

Louver dampers for gas applications in simple or multi-louver design in square, rectangular o round section.

Gasport GL Multi-Louver damper valves
At paravalves, every development has in-house engineering and manufacturing facilities for a wide range of industrial applications anywhere in the world.
We work from the delivery and dedication, from the person. Always open to any need, project, industry and customer. With the proactivity and intelligence necessary to face any challenge proposed to us. An engineering and manufacturing team that goes hand in hand with the customer, to always offer a reliable product, with high performance and durability.
Our Gasport GL Type multi-louver damper valves are clasified as following, depending on their design:

Beyond the valve

Louver dampers are made as a welded assembly construction and usually made for modulating gas applications. They are composed of one or many parallel blades that work together as a mechanical system when actuator operates the damper. The installation of this equipment is done between conduit rectangular flanges, which flange drilling can be made according to customer specifications or PARAVALVES standard. Blades may be oriented vertically or horizontally in the frame. Optimum number and width of blades can be determined after the full parameters of plant operating characteristics are known. Face to face determines the distance between flanges and this can also be taylor-made to comply with customer project. Wafer type or ButtWelding ends can also be supplied on request.

Our engineered louver dampers are made to work in both flow directions as a bidirectional design. Configuration blades may operate in parallel or opposed direction. Parallel blades offer tighter sealing and are primarily used for balancing or isolating duct flow. Opposed blade operation is used to maintain a straight gas flow through the ductwork and provides better modulating capability. The seat can be done as a swing-through blade without seat or the disc can directly make contact with a metal plate ensuring a maximum leak of 0.5%Kv value. Soft braided sealing option can also be supplied on request, providing a more tightness damper closing.

For applications where a full 100% tightening is requested, an air sealing system with double parallel blades design can be made. For such cases, the seal is done in the space between blades while injecting air at a higher pressure than the one in the conduit. This system creates a pressurized chamber preventing gases from escaping.

Up to
In all sizes
0.5 bar/7.4 psi
Up to

Customized valves

We design and manufacture customized solutions for each customer and need.

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Different blade configurations available

To operate in parallel or opposed direction

Our louver dampers offer both blades configurations, allowing you to slect the one that fits your process better. Parallel blades offer tighter sealing and are primarily used for balancing or isolating duct flow. Opposed blade operation is used to maintain a straight gas flow through the ductwork and provides better modulating capability.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Non-conformist spirit that makes our engineering team go beyond.

At paravalves, Engineering team is able to perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for valve components and assemblies.

Every component is designed and validated by top-notch softwares by the paravalves engineering team.

Flow Characteristic Curve

Obtained by paravalves after several CFD studies

The equal percentage characteristic valve inherent curve is ussually selected for control applications because it compoensates effectively the decreasing pressure differentials as flow rate increases.

Seat configurations

Made to fit all range of applications

The wide range of seats available for our Gasport GL range allows us to cater for a wide range of applications, covering everything from the simplest to those requiring zero leakage.

Zero atmospheric leakage.

Even for gas or high temperature applications.

At paravalves GL louver damper shaft packing system is designed to ensure full tightness to the atmosphere even for gas or high temperature applications.

Main features

Working pressures up to 0.5 bar.

Design with parallel or opposed blades.

Good modulation and control characteristics.

Extreme working temperatures up to 1000ºC.

Sizes up to 2000x2000mm section.

Epoxy coating for carbon steel components.

Tailor made solutions.

ISO 5211 flange drillings for interchangeable actuator connections.

Flange drillings to most standards.

Special materials or treatments on request.

Robust and reliable design.

Modulationg or on/off service.

Related industries

Over time, PARAVALVES team has had the chance to analyze not only the design of these valves but the specific applications they are used in as well in a cost effectiveness mind. From Biogas to Petrochemical applications, we’re confident the PARAVALVES Gasport Series Damper valves will be a great solution for the following industries:


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