Steel industry

Knife gate valves and Damper solutions fully designed and manufactured by paravalves are a great solution for the Steel industry.

Paravalves team is committed to provide tailor-made valve solutions to their steel manufacturing industry customers. Knife gate and reliable damper solutions are the best option for this commitment.

Paravalves Knife gate valves are engineered and built to handle extreme working conditions for abrasive fluids and high pressure services. In addition, our push-through and guided shear knife gate designs slurry knife gate valve provide a bubble tight shutt-off and extended service life for the most demanding applications in the steel industry.

Applications in steel industry and alumina handling processes

The main steel manufacturing applications related to our valves are:

  • Slurry
  • Dust and Dry Bulk Handling
  • Ore Feed
  • Water Recycle
  • Acidic Slurry
  • Hot Strip Roll Cooling
  • Laminar Flow Cooling
  • Lime Water
  • Boiler Feedwater

Customized valves

We design and manufacture customized solutions for each customer and need.

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