Pulp and paper

Our knife gate valves offer a robust and reliable solution to handle abrasive media in the pulp and paper industry.

Finding innovative ways of increasing production yields while lowering operating costs is mandatory to succeed in the pulp and paper applications.

Paravalves DMMOND knife gate valves and GASPORT damper solutions are the ideal solution for the pulp and paper industry.

Through conduit knife gate valve designs can perform well in applications with high solid concentrations as required in many pulp and paper production stages.

Applications in pulp and paper

The main applications in the paper industry where our valves can be used include:

  • Cyclone Discharge
  • Recycled Paper
  • Kraft Fiberline
  • Hydrocyclone
  • pH Addition
  • Black Liquor
  • Green Liquor
  • Lime
  • Paper Additives
  • Batch Digester Gas Relief
  • Brown Stock Rejects
  • Boiler Feedwater

Customized valves

We design and manufacture customized solutions for each customer and need.

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