More than 20 years of endless innovation

From optimized parametric design 3D modeling tools, to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) systems, our reliable valves are ready to be manufactured with confidence.

We work with the most popular software tools that, together with long time proved experience and know-how, every valve becomes a cost-effective design solution and able to comply with the most demanding standards and customer specifications.

Our own engineering team is in continuous work to improve and lead our cost-effective valve designs to a great user experience with low maintenance and reliable valve assemblies.

Valve engineering works

Engineering services to determine flow coefficient and capacity for valves.

Finite Element Analysis for components and assemblies, including a wide varity of loads, pressures, temperature distributions, etc…

Valve sizing and selection.

Customized special designs.

Component replacements and special parts.

NDE tests such as VT, RT, PT, MT and UT.

Equipment start-up supervision.

Maintenance works.

From open to close, our XR family knife gate valves are guided in the entire way removing any option to deflect when solids are encountered. When material is struck by the shearing tip it is fractured and angled away by the beveled edge of the gate.

This shearing and subsequent clearing of material enables a zero-leakage rating where the gate meets the primary seal. A secondary seal further eliminates any possible leakage to atmosphere.