Ura UW

Fixed Cone (Howell Bunger Valve)

Valves usually made for bottom of dams and reservoirs for water level control applications as well as a turbine bypass valve in hydroelectric power stations

Ura UW Fixed Cone (Howell Bunger Valve)
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Our URA UW Howell-Bunger or URA UW Hollow-Jet fixed cone valves are classified as follows, depending on their pressure, design or required accessories:

UW Fixed Cone (Howell Bunger Valve)

Beyond the valve

Fixed Cone valves are made as a welded assembly construction and usually made for bottom of dams and reservoirs for water level control applications as well as a turbine bypass valve in hydroelectric power stations. It’s mainly designed to control the amount of water downstream in order not to damage the enviroment. This type of valve discharges the flow directly to the atmosphere for energy dissipation as a hollow cone shaped jet.

PARAVALVES design has a fixed cone with contoured ribs that eliminate the vibration problems and also the design includes bronze machined guides for a perfect and smooth guidance between the body and the sleeve. The Flow discharge coefficient for the hoodless model is between 0,80-0,85.

Fixed Cone valves can be manufactured in sizes up to DN2000 and pressures up to 25bar. A wide range of construction materials is applicable such as different carbon steels and stainless steels. If containment of the jet is desired, a hood can be installed which concentrates the flow.

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In all sizes
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Customized valves

We design and manufacture customized solutions for each customer and need.

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Optimal sizing.

CFD studies for the best sizing and selection.

Valve sizing is critical to reach the best and optimal operation. For this purpose, paravalves engineering team works with Computational Fluid Dynamics to evaluate valve flow coefficient, thus the discharge flow value so a total control of the flow characteristic curve is achieved. This control, allows our team to size and redesign the valve to each project, making our solutions the most reliables in the market as all of them are sized to fit between the minimum and maximum flow working conditions of the project. Cone angle, face to face, flange and every other aspect of the design can be customized to reach the optimal solution.


Fixed or mobile hood.

Optional accessory for channelling the flow at the outlet.

As an additional accessory, a hood can be included to concentrate the valve outlet flow according to the customer's conditions. This accessory affects by reducing the discharge coefficient of the valve. 

Anti-cavitation design can also be performed, giving a total reliable solution improving the hood life.

Special anti-cavitation hood

Designed for a longer valve life

Sometimes, it is required to work in operating points with a low degree of openness. In such cases, the fluid may reduce its pressure below the vapor pressure at certain points, thus producing the cavitation effect. This effect creates small implosions in the fluid in certain areas of the hood that deteriorate it. The paravalves technical team has been able to design a special design to avoid this situation for the hood.

Zero leakage.

Even for high pressure water applications.

At paravalves Dmmond SA push-though knife gate valves special top gate sealing concept is designed to ensure full tightness to the atmosphere even for gas or high pressure water applications.

Every design is fully hydrostatically tested at our facilities according to API 598, testing body cavity at 1.5 times the design pressure.

Engineered to last.

Even for extreme working conditions with abrasive fluids.

From optimized parametric design 3D modeling tools, to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) systems, our reliable fixed cone valves are ready to be manufactured with confidence.

Every component is designed and validated by top-notch softwares by the paravalves engineering team.

Main features

Operating pressures up to 25bar.

Sizes up to DN2000.

Low pressure drop.

CFD studies for optimum sizing.

High discharge coefficient.

Soft or metallic seat.

Bronze guides for smooth and reliable movement.

Robust design.

Customized designs.

For flow regulation services.

Drilled according to standard or customer specifications.

Different types of connections.

Epoxy paint for carbon steel parts.

Optional extension brackets.

Hydraulic, electric or manual actuation.

Related industries

Over time, PARAVALVES team has had the chance to analyze not only the design of these valves but the specific applications they are used in as well in a cost effectiveness mind. PARAVALVES URA Fixed Cone valve (Howell-Bunger type) will be a great solution for dams and reservoirs considering the following industries:


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